I can’t make you unpack your suitcase.

How you handle your baggage is what makes you who you are. You may decide to unpack it and utilize the content. Good that means you want to move forward or you could decide not to unpack it and keep the content intact and stay loaded with your baggage. Then where will you put in new things and do away with old. Each day is unique why can’t we have the same type of day throughout the week, month or year. Ever contemplated that? Please unpack your baggage, discard old and torn items , the expired and non re-usable ones. Oh! you need your memoirs then select which to keep and which to discard. The choice is yours as well as mine but be comfortable, happy and healthy about it. Your baggage is yours do as you please.

hannah brencher.


When I unzipped the belly of the little red suitcase the book was sitting there.

It was sitting right on top. It was waiting for me. Two years ago, I used to think that if ever I sat down and finally read that book, it would probably be my favorite book. Maybe one day. Instead, I grabbed a sweater and I closed the suitcase shut. I checked the bag. I would see it in New Orleans. There’s never enough room for your second carry-on bag when they lump you into Zone 3.

Half of my life plays out in airports. The people who spend too much time in airports know I’m not saying that to sound romantic. It can be a tad whimsical. On quiet mornings. And when you aren’t getting a connecting flight in Atlanta. And when you get to fly into cute, little airports with baggage claim…

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