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Online Marketing

The world as a global market is providing goods and services hitherto restricted to certain regions all over the world where there are Internet services except for things under regulation. This trend is growing rapidly as it apply to all industry.  According to  IAB Internet revenue report:2012 full years result ^ PricewaterhouseCoopers, Internet Advertising. Bureau.;”IAB internet advertising revenue report 2013 first six months’ results”. Internet Advertising Bureau. October 2013. Retrieved 4 March 2014.)

Although, there are controversies on certain practices, the low cost of electronic display of adverts make it advantageous ,to be online. It also afford the ability to collect data on he effectiveness of adverts as well as where the the visitors are coming from. Hu,Yu; Shin Jiwoong; Tang, Zhulei (September 2012, Performance-based pricing models in Online marketing…….., retrieved June 2013).

There are also many ways to present the messages including images, video, audio and links and most of them are interactive allowing interface with users as well as the speed of getting to the desired users all make online marking attractive.(Abramovich, Giselle(25 march 2013) ‘5 Really CreativeBanner….,

These are facts on online marketing but the issue now is where or what will be the fate of the offline marketing in the years ahead. Of course there are issues concerning online marketing like getting your goods on time where they have to be shipped out but what actually will become the offline marketing where you have the opportunity to meet other shoppers and bond with them. How do we balance the benefits of both strategies.